Project Concept Development

RMeta Labs is a WEB3 organization that provides consulting services for projects related but not exclusive to the non-funglible space. Our services incude many aspexts of successful project management from initial concepts, digitral strategy, decentralized autonomous organizations, exosystem building, evaluating key partners and user acquisition strategies, gaming integrations, sports memorabilia, metaverse development, marketing, vloor value protection incentives, community building with engagement incentives and social platform branding.

We have extensive experience in all these areas and have successfully assisted multiple projects on their creative vision.


At RMeta we are passionate about creativity and the curation of our clients’ visions. Our Artists are globally respected for their artistic skills, computer design knowledge, and their ability to add enhances development strategies when working directly in colaboration with the client.

The team at RMeta respects the importance of a superior digital artist and their contribution to the overall success of the client’s collection, which is why we take a strong approach to this part of our project building strategies.


RMeta is widely considered the Jay-Z of marketing. As the market has matured, it is no long a one shoe fits all strategy as it was 8 months ago. We implemented the necessary techniques for each unique project. Taking a 360 approach, our core competencies are our forged relationships from decades of successful business, large brand partners who leverage our technology, and influencer & celebrity connections due to a parallel NFT market vision.

We also utilize unique brand experiences, expanding audience reach through paid ads, community building through cross promotion, NFT listings on NFT drop calendars & software tools, Discord and Telegram, and access to some of the largest alpha groups in the industry as ancillary strategies to complement our core competencies.

RMeta Labs is a family. We leverage all previous successful drops and their communities as an accelerant to all future projects.


Our marketing team will work closely with your brand partners to target and deliver a plan to reach your target audience


In today’s cryto and NFT market the development of a strong, well formed, and proud community is imperative to your project’s success. At RMeta we assist our clients to develop and sustain a network that will attract investors and retain them throughout the project’s lifespan.

A well-produced community strategy helps our clients’ differentiate themselves amoung other NFT projects and will help you reach your audience with meaningful conversations and pride of ownership.


Our tech support leads are available 24/7 to best suit your needs and location

Website Development
Web 3 integration

Development of non-fungible tokens is complex as each NFT is unique and is owned by a single entity. Each item has multiple features or attributes that distinguish it from other digital assets. RMeta’s industry leading developers are highly skilled engineers with decades of development experience. We have a strong background in cryptography for creating and verifying digital signatures, encrypted storage, hash functions, zero-knowledge proofing, private key encryption, and ring signatures.

Our technocal language capabilities are extensive from HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C++, truffle, Ethereums’s Solidity, Solana’s Rust, and Candy Machine. Additionally, we have extensive experience with token standards such as ERC-1155, ERC-721, BEP 20 and FA2. The RMeta team promote a culture of versatility and flexibility which allows us to put the most innovative projects on the blockchain. At RMeta we champion always expanding our knowledge and to ensure they are familiar with any new programs or techniques that will assist RMeta clients by consistently being an industry leader for our Web3 technology and blockchain integrations.